● Some models recommended to Learn Chinese: ● How Besta Dictionaries can help you to Learn Chinese? ● Learn Chinese with Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary (OALED) (Step by Step) (Click here)

● Learn Chinese with Illustrated Dictionary (Step by Step) (Click here)

● How to use Sentence translation funtion? (Step by Step) (Click here)

Learn Mandarin

  1. Learn to speak in Chinese:

    Type an English word, it translates in Chinese & says in Mandarin/Cantonese.


    1. Select English-Chinese Dictionary Function
    2. Type Alphabet"Friend"
    3. Press Enter; the screen displays "朋友"....
    4. Highlight the group of characters "朋友" with stylus
    5. Press Chinese(中文) Key, it says "朋友" in Mandarin
    6. Press Shift+Chinese(中文) Key, it says "朋友" in Cantonese
  2. Easy Communication:

    Type an English sentence, it translates in Chinese.


    1. Select (English-Chinese Sentence Translation) function
    2. Type "Good bye!"
    3. Press (Enter) key; the screen displays "再見!"
    4. Press (Chinese(中文) key, It says "再見!" in Mandarin
    5. Press (Shift)+Chinese(中文) key, it says "再見!" in Cantonese

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  3. Chinese Writing Teacher:

    Select/Input character in Chinese Dictionary, it teaches you the correct writing order of the character


    1. Input a Chinese character and search in (Chinese Dictionary)
    2. Or select (Drag with stylus) a character from English-Chinese Dictionary
    3. Click (Chinese Dictionary)
    4. Screen displays the (phonetic symbols) and the (Ping-yin)
    5. Click Stroke (筆順), the screen displays the order of writing strokes
  4. Listen and repeat:

    Use the Multilingual phrase book to practice listen and repeat.


    1. Go to F2 (Learning Function) and Click (Travel dialogue)
    2. Select (Click) the item and phrases you want to practice.
    3. Press Chinese(中文) key, It says the phrase in mandarin
    4. Press Repeat(跟讀) key, you can listen and repeat
    5. The unit can record your voice to compare with the original
  5. Learn phonetic symbols and Ping-yin:

    Use the built-in Chinese learning tools to learn to speak correctly.


    1. Go to F2 (Study Function) and Click (Chinese Learning)
    2. Press (Ping-Yin), the screen shows the table of vowels/consonants
    3. Select a letter (or combination of letters) from the table
    4. Press F1 (Pronunciation) to listen to the pronunciation